Using Dropbox To Transfer Files

Dropbox is really slick.  It’s a cloud storage service that provides 100 GB of free storage that is accessible wherever you are, as long as you have a browser.  When you install Dropbox, it establishes a web-accessible personal storage area that you can get to by logging in.  At the same time, it creates a virtual folder/drive on your system to or from which you can drag-and-drop.  Here’s a partial screenshot of the Explorer windows on my Windows system, showing the virtual Dropbox folder, in which there is another “OUYA APKs” folder.

I’ve been using Dropbox to move apk files to my OUYA (you could probably just download them directly from the OUYA browser, as well).  The steps are:

  1. Obtain the apk you need (you will have to search on the Internet, probably, or look here in our APK repository).
  2. Copy it to your Dropbox.
  3. Open the OUYA browser and navigate to your Dropbox account, and log in.
  4. Download the apk.
  5. Leave the OUYA browser, and from the main menu, go to Manage->System->Advanced->Storage->Downloads.
  6. Click on the desired apk to install.

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